Internal Communications

Internal Communications focuses on an organisation’s internal stakeholders, namely their office based employees and yard staff. Employees want a clear understanding of where their company is going, how they are trying to get there and what their role is in helping their management team succeed.

If you are not sure whether your organisation is communicating effectively, here are some essential questions Sofie asks clients to help them decide:

  • How does your CEO and management team currently communicate with staff?
  • Do you have an intranet, is it easy for employees to navigate around and find information?
  • Do you have a staff newsletter?
  • Does your CEO run regular Town Halls where face to face communication between the leadership team and staff takes place?
  • Do you run any internal communications campaigns such as safety, quality, HR, wellness & cyber security campaigns?
  • How do you currently communicate new contract wins, project progress, milestones and achievements?
  • Do you have an employee suggestion scheme which is accessible to both yard and office staff?
  • What kind of internal CSR activities (wellness, charity events) do your employees take part in?
  • Where do employees find information such as internal organisation charts, templates, corporate presentations, company brochures, upcoming training and events, messages from management, online training material, company rules around working hours and lunch breaks ?
  • Do you have a structured employee induction process and when last was this reviewed or updated?
  • How happy is your workforce and when last did you run an employee or communications survey?
  • Do your employees know what the company’s Mission, Vision & Values are? When last did you read them, are they still relevant and is your management team regularly communicating this to staff?
  • Does everyone in the company use the same templates when it comes to internal messaging (posters on noticeboards, online communication, PPT presentation templates) or is everyone doing their own thing?

Working alongside HR departments, Sofie has helped clients develop internal communications strategies and helped train staff, enabling them to roll out campaigns in a structured and timely manner. There is generally always room for improvement when it comes to internal communication within an organisation, and as O&G companies struggle to hold on to their high potential talent, internal communication has become a key factor in improving employee engagement and satisfaction.