Project Communications

Sofie has worked on two of the world’s most significant oil and gas projects, Pearl GTL in Qatar and Gorgon LNG in Australia, as well three smaller scale projects for McDermott where she helped the Project Director and client teams set up communications strategies.  Starting a new project is like starting a new company, and while many of the activities mentioned in the internal communication segment are relevant, one also has to look at branding and creating a ‘one team’ spirit.

When employees are seconded to a project, they ‘leave the nest’ of their parent companies and walk into a new ‘organisation’ that has their own way (or will soon start formulating their own way) of doing things. The larger the project, the more likely a joint venture or consortium has been formed, meaning that employees from different organisations with different corporate cultures and backgrounds are now working together under one umbrella.

Each of these team members is used to their company’s way of operating. One of the most important things to do early on in the life cycle of the project is to create an identity and culture that employees can feel part of, along with a ‘one project, one team’ spirit. Sofie has the experience necessary to work with your project team to create an identity and develop an effective communications strategy.